Purchase seasoned or marinated pork tenderloin in Odessa, TX

Pork tenderloin is a hit at the dinner table, but it takes a while to prepare. Not when you purchase it from Larry's Specialty Meats. We prepare delicious seasoned and marinated pork tenderloin in Odessa, TX. Just cook it and voilĂ , you've got a dish even the pickiest of eaters will want second helpings of.

Our seasoned pork tenderloin is...

Trimmed in-house
Seasoned to bring out the flavor
Wrapped in bacon and seasoned again to perfection

Be sure to try our sausage-stuffed pork tenderloin and marinated pork tenderloin. Call 432-362-2291 now to place your order.

What's so special about Duroc pork?

Duroc pork is all-natural aged pork from Duroc hogs. It retains moisture well and has good fat marbling, which means every bite is juicy and flavorful.

Visit our Odessa, TX butcher shop today to purchase custom cuts of Duroc pork.